Proceedings of DRS 2022: Bilbao

A book on a cutting mat

Dan Lockton, Sara Lenzi, Paul Hekkert, Arlene Oak, Juan Sádaba, Peter Lloyd (editors)
Design Research Society, London, 2022, 207pp. ISBN 978-1-91229-457-2; ISSN 2398-3132. Online version (open access)

Proceedings of DRS 2022, the Design Research Society‘s biennial international conference, which took place from 25th June–1st July 2022 in Bilbao, Spain, and online. DRS 2022 was the biggest and most ambitious DRS conference to date, bringing together over 800 participants and 315 paper presentations which you can find in this volume of conference paper abstracts. DRS 2022 extended the field of design research further outwards, bringing new perspectives to disciplines such as anthropology, politics, economics, healthcare, and others. Core subject areas continued to develop, with new methods, approaches, technologies, and philosophies all evident in these proceedings. Also emerging is a focus on how to deal with our uncertain futures, for example through societal transitions, transdisciplinarity, transformations, and pluriversality. The themes that have emerged for DRS2022 represent a rich snapshot of the current state of the art in world design research.